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Francisco de Paula

Behaviour Support Practitioner

Fran started work in the disability sector as a volunteer in 2000. Once he started to understand some of the principals and potential, he began a journey of studies, always looking for new evidence in supporting quality of life, increasing capacity and reducing restrictions. He completed a Bachelor of Education in Disability Studies through ACU and further training through the Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis (IABA). He is a certified Person Centred Active Support facilitator and has an interest in Therapeutic Informed Practice.

Fran currently works as a Neurobehavioural Support Practitioner in Sydney, supporting individuals and providing training for providers.

Fran has developed the CALMER Approach based upon his pursuit of best practice and closing the gap between theory and practice, engaging with neuroscience and combining this with the lived experience of the people he is supporting to refine the tools in the approach.

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